Your first visit

Libby, Kerry, Claire or Joyce will confirm your appointment with you via text or a telephone call. You will also receive an e-mail confirming where the appointment is, and what time the appointment is, along with a new patient registration form, and other information depending on what your knee condition is.

Please present yourself to the front desk in Heidelberg Heights where you will be greeted by Libby, Kerry, Claire, or Joyce. If Nigel is seeing you in Blackburn or Gisborne you will be greeted by either Libby or Joyce.  If it is your first appointment you will have to fill out paperwork and will be asked to fill in a number of questionnaires.

Nigel does space his appointments so that he can spend as much time with you and also minimise how long you have to wait.

It is important that you bring your Medicare card, insurance number, referral letter, medication list, any x-rays, and any other imaging with you about your knee condition. Sometimes x-rays or other imaging are put onto a CD.

Write down any questions that you have. Nigel will take time to answer any questions you may have, as he wants you to be fully informed about any treatment that is being considered for your knee.

Nigel also recommends bringing a support person so they can provide additional comments, ask questions, and will also provide you with support when deciding on treatment.

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