Welcome to our new website

Welcome to our redesigned, revamped, restyled, responsive, and easier to navigate website. The end result as you see provides a fresher, brighter look with an easier reading style.

Each section has been simplified so that you can look up your particular knee condition and proceed straight to its treatment. In each condition and treatment page, we have condensed the amount of information given and have also provided more case studies so that you may gain more of an understanding of your condition and treatment options available.

We have included a page for the non-surgical treatment options of knee osteoarthrosis, a page whereby you can read about the latest opinion in knee surgery, and a YouTube channel where with time Nigel will talk or examine topics in knee surgery that provide you with a better understanding of what is available in knee surgery.

On that note please feel free to move around the website and if you have any queries please submit our enquiry form.