What do I do if I need surgery?

Surgery is a big undertaking irrespective of what operation is performed. Nigel believes in providing you with as much information as possible. This will be done in terms of verbal consent, and an information pack being given to you. You will have opportunities to ask as many questions as you wish. No question is too small or unimportant. You must be happy, and you must be fully aware of the risks and the benefits of the surgery. Once this has been done, Nigel will ask you to sign a form giving your consent for the operation being performed.

Nigel operates at one of two private hospitals and will try to accommodate you at the hospital closest to where you live, however there will be occasions where due to a number of factors you may be better suited to another hospital.

Once you have signed the consent form, Nigel will let Kerry or Joyce run through the booking process and give you more forms which you can take away to fill out. Again if you have any questions at any stage please feel free to ask them.